Organisation of the SCSN Foundation

The SCSN Foundation consists of two bodies, the board and the supervisory board.

The Board
The board of the foundation consists of at least one member. The number of board members is determined by the supervisory board.
The board members are appointed by the supervisory board. The board elects a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer from among its members. The various functions can also be fulfilled by one person.

The main tasks of the board are:
The board is in charge of managing the foundation and is responsible for defining its long-term ambitions, drawing up and implementing its annual plan and budget, approving important changes in the standard, coordinating and implementing daily activities, directing the support organisation, and forming and chairing working groups.

Supervisory Board
The foundation has a supervisory board consisting of at least four members who are elected biennially by stakeholders.
The stakeholders are divided into four groups:

  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Service providers and software suppliers;
  • Industry organisations;
  • Knowledge institutions.

The aim is to appoint two members from each category of primary stakeholders, supplemented by a chairman from the board.

The main tasks of the supervisory board are:
The supervisory board is primarily responsible for approving long-term ambitions, the annual plan and annual budget, and supervising the management of the foundation.

Alongside these formal bodies, the SCSN Foundation works with a support organisation and working groups.

The support organisation is used for the technical support of, among other things, semantic standards and the infrastructure.

Working groups are formed on a project basis, e.g. to implement extensions or improvements. Working groups are the main medium by which member companies can contribute to developments and shape the future of the SCSN Foundation. More about the structure and activities of working groups can be found on the page Working Groups.

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