How to connect to SCSN as a manufacturing company

Define your use case


The first step to take as a manufacturing company is to determine your own use case, so that you can determine whether using SCSN makes sense. This website offers the information you need to get a good idea of the properties and advantages of SCSN. In the testimonials, other manufacturing companies explain why they have chosen SCSN, and the service providers give you more information about the benefits.
Important questions that need to be answered are: who are my most important customers and suppliers, and what data do I share with them? Based on this, form a picture of the possible costs and benefits of SCSN.

As soon as you have a clear view of what SCSN can do for you, you need to determine which SCSN service provider is best for you. A service provider will set up the connection with your ERP system for your company just once, after which it will take care of further message traffic for you. Each service provider has its own proposition, range of services and market focus. It is important to find out more about them.
Appointing a service provider also means that your company is included in the SCSN Address Book, so that it can be found by all affiliated manufacturing companies.

As soon as the connection with your service provider has been set up, we advise you first to set up a pilot with one of your customers or suppliers. This allows you to check whether everything works correctly and to adjust internal processes to SCSN. This is followed by the upscaling phase; the more companies that use SCSN, the more efficiently the system works and the greater the benefits for the individual company.
As a company, you are part of the SCSN community. During regular meetings, you can share your experience with other manufacturing companies, and discuss how SCSN can be further improved and developed. Manufacturing companies are also invited to participate in working groups with the aim of further developing SCSN.