Summary of Internal Regulations

In addition to the legally established rights and obligations of the management and supervisory board, there are internal regulations that further detail the aims and working methods of the SCSN Foundation and also describe the rights and obligations of affiliated companies and service providers. The most important points are stated here.

The goal of the SCSN standard

  • SCSN is an open data communication standard that enables the automated and error-free sharing of information in supply chains (chains of companies in the manufacturing industry) without large investments in customised ICT;
  • This makes chains of companies in the manufacturing industry more efficient and effective, with the aim of making the entire manufacturing industry in the EU more competitive.

The goal of the Smart Connected Supplier Network Foundation

  • Professionally and sustainably managing, maintaining and improving the SCSN standard;
  • Ensuring that the interests of all SCSN members are carefully considered;
  • Continuously guaranteeing the quality of the SCSN standard and its use;
  • Coordinating the management of the technical infrastructure, including the address book;
  • Providing the general communication for and promotion of SCSN, including providing a first point of contact.

Principles for Service Providers

  • Service providers have a delivery obligation for all messages received;
  • Service providers are free to use their own business model and rates for connecting manufacturing companies and processing messages;
  • Service providers must communicate in accordance with the technical requirements agreed within SCSN, enabling them to exchange messages with all connected manufacturing companies from all service providers. For example:
    • Support for (new) SCSN messages/message versions. Service providers do not have to support all message types, but they do have to support at least the latest message version of all supported messages that are released in accordance with the annual plan drawn up by the supervisory board.
    • Technical infrastructure support.
  • Service providers can voluntarily participate in working groups, SCSN meetings, and stand for election to the supervisory board.

Principles for Manufacturing Companies

  • Manufacturers are free to choose the service provider that best suits their needs and then connect to the SCSN network via this service provider.
  • Manufacturing companies can voluntarily take part in working groups and SCSN meetings, and stand for election to the supervisory board.