Working Groups

Working groups are formed on a project basis in order to carry out, for example, expansions or improvements. Working groups are the main medium by which member companies can contribute to developments and shape the future of the SCSN Foundation.

The objectives and working methods of the working groups are further explained in the internal regulations. The most important points here are:

  • A working group has a clearly defined subject and goal;
  • A working group aims to formulate one or more proposals for change, which are then presented to the board for assessment;
  • Working group meetings are announced in good time to all relevant people;
  • All manufacturing companies, service providers and sector organisations involved can participate in a working group;
  • A working group is disbanded when it has achieved its objective or by decision of the board.

The following working groups are currently active:

Order: material treatments and additional services
The order form is amended to include the possibility of requesting additional services on standard items, for example: sawing of tubes, galvanising of metal sheets and requesting material certificates. This working group will expand the range of services supported within SCSN.

COVID-19 has made us realise that digitalisation is of enormous importance to the manufacturing industry: the loss of people and partners in supply chains due to quarantines and lock-downs has demonstrated how vulnerable collaborations are and has highlighted the need to be able to respond to changing supply and demand quickly. As a result, this working group was established to look at the resilience of supply chains.

Communication & Marketing
SCSN is a fast-growing initiative, which in a few years has grown from a small group of companies to a large ecosystem of hundreds of parties. Communication and marketing are essential to support this rapid growth. Within this group, we are working on a communication plan, improving the website and involving social media channels, among other things.

Participating in a working group
All member companies and service providers can submit proposals for additions or changes to the SCSN standard.

Submitted proposals are evaluated and prioritised by the board. Proposed working groups are published via the internal newsletter, after which interested parties can apply to join the working group. After deciding to start a working group, the board decides on the group’s final composition and appoints a chairman. Further communication to interested parties takes place via the internal newsletter.

After a working group has been disbanded, the results have normally become part of the SCSN standard and can be found at the usual place (i.e. GitBook/Semantic Treehouse). A short description of the working group and which results have been added to the standard can be published on the website