Data exchange in the chain

SCSN focuses specifically on supply chains in the manufacturing industry. The success of these chains stands or falls on the sharing of large amounts of data. In respect to SMEs in particular, which play a central role in this chain, the receipt and transfer of data is not automated. This means that the data they receive from their customers must be read, interpreted and usually manually entered into their own ERP systems. This is often time consuming and prone to error.

Our solution

SSCSN simplifies data sharing within the chain because SCSN messages can be automatically processed in the ERP system of a connected company. There are also strict agreements in place on the semantics of the messages, so they can only be interpreted in one way.

One-time registration is enough
Currently, a lot of the data that is exchanged between two companies goes via an EDI link. If you want to exchange data with a new company, you need to set up a new EDI link. With SCSN, however, this is not necessary. SCSN has been set up in such a way that a company only needs to be registered once with an SCSN service provider, after which it can exchange data with all other connected companies. It is therefore no longer necessary to make a connection with each individual company.

Decide yourself which data you share with whom
Nowadays, a lot of data is also exchanged through a cloud connection. This often means that a company’s data is stored externally and becomes visible to the cloud service provider. With SCSN, a company retains control over its own data; it decides itself which data is shared with whom.

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