Tradecloud is the leading supply chain platform for the manufacturing and wholesale industries. It is a standard, ERP-independent cloud platform with 100% focus on supply chain optimisation within the industry. 

‘Facilitating the world’s transition to a smarter and more sustainable manufacturing industry.’

Customers rely on Tradecloud to make their global supply chain more predictable, automate operational processes and focus on exceptions. The fast-growing network connects thousands of B2B buyers and suppliers who collaborate in real time on orders and confirmations, shipments, forecasts, item management and invoices. The platform helps companies achieve the following:

  • Real-time visibility into the supply chain
  • Zero-touch order processing
  • Communication in real time and ‘in context’ with suppliers and/or customers

What does the platform deliver?

  • Up to 50% less order administration
  • Higher delivery reliability
  • Fewer errors and ‘emergencies’
  • More speed, one version of the truth, higher margins

Unlike with traditional software, implementation times, subscription fees and supplier onboarding are quick and easy. Connected buyers and suppliers include Eriks, Van Egmond, Alfen, Damen, Nooteboom, Quooker, Voortman, Koninklijke Gazelle, Fabory, Bosch Rexroth, Agrifac, Intersafe and many others.

How does Tradecloud distinguish itself within SCSN?

  • Tradecloud focuses specifically on the larger buyers in the industry and on optimising the process with the suppliers of these parties.
  • Tradecloud not only provides the technical message traffic between buyer and supplier, but also tools for workflow, communication and insight into your supply chain to really improve it and not just save on manual handling.
  • Tradecloud is ERP independent, which we find essential because other parties in the chain will always use different ERP systems.
  • Tradecloud ensures fast linking with parties, often through other standards or platforms. Tradecloud has its own ERP connectors for parties who cannot work via SCSN. Think, for example, of parties who already work via EDI, but also links with SAP, Infor or Dynamics, for example.
  • Tradecloud has its own, already existing, network of buyers and suppliers from the manufacturing/wholesale industry. This allows you to achieve results quickly.
  • Tradecloud specialises in connecting large numbers of parties with different systems and can do this more quickly, efficiently and cheaply.


Tradecloud B.V.
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