Smart Connected Supplier Network appoints Rob de Beule as General Manager

20 October 2022
Smart Connected Supplier Network appoints Rob de Beule as General Manager

Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN), the fastest growing data exchange network, recently appointed Rob de Beule as General Manager. De Beule, former General Manager of Fujitsu Glovia EMEA, was already involved with SCSN in his previous role.

"With Fujitsu Glovia, now CresentOne, we were involved in the development of SCSN at an early stage as a service provider," said De Beule, "With the transormation of SCSN from an innovation project to an independent and autonomous foundation, the network has  further professionalised and the number of users of the data standard is increasing rapidly. This development has led me to become part of this innovative and highly relevant initiative. I am convinced that SCSN can grow into one of the most important data standards in Europe and I would like to do my part to make this happen."

SCSN is a data standard that makes the exchange of information in the supply chain more efficient, allowing companies to share data more easily, quickly and reliably. This results in increased supply chain productivity through fast, secure and interoperable information exchange between companies.
The success of supply chains hinges on sharing large amounts of data. Especially for SMEs that have a central role in these supply chains, receiving and sending data is not automated. This means that data received from their customers must be read, interpreted and usually entered manually into their own ERP system. This is often time-consuming and error-prone. SCSN solves this by allowing SCSN messages to be processed automatically in the company's ERP system.