EDI4STEEL facilitates an open communication network for exchanging information between the ERP systems of all connected buyers and sellers in the steel world. Preference is given to the use of the data standard Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN).

EDI4STEEL also makes recommendations for a standardised workflow for the data exchange between the various ERP systems.

EDI4STEEL makes the sending and receiving of orders, notes of lading, certificates and invoices easier, faster and safer.

Using EDI4STEEL is:

  • Easy: No typing errors when entering a paper order or speech confusion when ordering by telephone. The articles are directly linked to the articles in your system.
  • Fast: The message is sent and received immediately, without delay caused by post or absence of an employee. It also does not need to be translated and typed.
  • Secure: The protected network means that only you and the recipient have access to the message.

For customers who use the ERP system easy2trade, the connection to EDI4STEEL is already set up and requires little work to connect.